Nick Muir

Digital Fine Art "Giclée" Printing

The majority of inkjet printers use aqueous (water based) inks that are dye or pigment based. Dye-based inks use a colorant that is fully dissolved in a carrier liquid. With pigment ink, colour comes from very fine solid particles that are suspended in the carrier fluid. The science behind pigments allows prints to resist fade for the longest possible time. When you pair pigment inks with high quality inkjet paper and display prints away from bright light, your chances of seeing significant fade before the 50-year mark are low.



Epson Stylus Pro 9900

Digital fine art “Giclée” printing is a term used to describe a process that using fade-resistant, archival pigmented inks, and archival substrates produced on Inspiration’s Epson Stylus Pro 9900 printer. This printer uses the CMYK colour process but has multiple cartridges for variations of each colour which increases the apparent resolution and colour gamut and allows smoother gradient transitions.